Website BuildingLiveSites excels at creating professional, custom-designed, cutting-edge, responsive, CMS websites according to each client's unique vision and needs.

Technical Base

LiveSites excels at creating professional, multilingual websites based on content management systems (CMS).

CMS sites store content in database format so that it can be easily managed now and over time. CMS sites have editing tools that enable the client to update their site’s content.

LiveSites builds CMS sites on the Joomla platform. Joomla is open-source, non-proprietary software. This means that sites developed by LiveSites are 100% client-owned, and may be easily transferred at any time. Joomla also provides impressive extensibility with additional functionality and tools continually developed and released.

LiveSites can integrate cutting-edge modules (apps or widgets) for Ads, Calendars, CRMs, Directories, E-Commerce, Events, News, Portfolios, Photo Galleries, Sports, and much more. These site extensions can be added to the site according to the client’s needs either when the site is created or in the future as the client’s business needs evolve.


LiveSites creates the sites by purchasing design templates. Using design templates – that we customize according to the client’s wishes – has many advantages.

  • The templates were created by teams of graphic artists who specialize in website design for today and tomorrow’s Internet.
  • The templates are technically sound with condensed style sheets that increase site speed and with coding that enables optimal display on all browsers.
  • The templates are responsive so they automatically adjust for optimal display on all viewing devices, including phones.
  • Template upgrades are created and distributed in response to changes on the Net, making long-term website maintenance more affordable that having to make customized code changes to the site.

LiveSites customizes the design template according to the client’s design vision and needs. The degree of customization and the amount of involvement of LiveSites’ graphic artist in the website design process depends on the client’s wishes.

  • Customization Level 1:
    LiveSites customizes the chosen template’s colors and layout to meet the client’s design wishes and content needs. The graphic artist is not involved in the site creation process.
  • Customization Level 2:
    LiveSites customizes the chosen template’s colors and layout to meet the client’s design wishes and content needs. The graphic artist reviews the site during the creation process and offers professional ideas for ways to make the site more unique and graphically better.
  • Customization Level 3:
    LiveSites, the graphic artist and the client all sit together to come up with a design vision for the site. The graphic artists creates two sketches for the homepage, and then sketches for inner pages according to the client’s choice of the homepage sketch. LiveSites then combines the chosen sketches with the most fitting template to create the framework for a technically-sound, responsive and flexible site.


LiveSites offers professional copy writing services and graphic art services for clients that want help creating content for their website.

After site creation and launch, LiveSites offers personal, prompt and reliable website maintenance services, hosting plans, marketing services and newsletter systems.