LiveSites quickly responds to clients' site edit requests and proactively suggests ways clients can improve their sites via technical upgrades, design updates and content changes.

MaintnanceWebsite maintenance is an ongoing endeavor, and some clients don't have the time and energy needed to maintain a healthy, dynamic website. That’s why, once your site is live, LiveSites offers professional, prompt and personal website maintenance services.

The site maintanance process is simple, user-friendly and completely transparent. Clients who want maintenance work performed on their sites email their work requests to LiveSites' Support. This email opens a Support Ticket in LiveSites' Customer Support Center. LiveSites responds within a few hours, generally to report completion of the requested site update. The opening and closing of Support Tickets is thus recorded, along with the time taken to complete the work, in the Customer Support Center.  

In addition to responding to client's requests for website content updates, clients can depend on LiveSites to keep their site's technically updated and functioning optimally. LiveSites keeps up with the rapid changes and frequent updates in Joomla and other software. This means that when a new version of Joomla or a software extension becomes available, LiveSites asks clients if they want their site updated and then, if the client desires, handles these technical updates seamlessly and hassle-free.