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What We Offer

LiveSites builds websites

Website Creation

LiveSites excels at creating professional websites. All sites are CMS (content management systems) so site owners can edit the page content themselves. All sites are responsive, which means they automatically adjust for optimal display on all devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops...), screen resolutions and browsers.
LiveSites builds websites

Website Hosting

For your website to be easily accessible to people worldwide, it must sit on a well-maintained computer server. LiveSites maintains server space that is secure, reliable and fast.
LiveSites builds websites

Website Maintenance

Your website is most effective when it keeps up with the rapid pace of change on the Internet. LiveSites quickly responds to clients' work requests, and proactively suggests ways clients can improve their sites via technical upgrades, design updates and content changes.

LiveSites markets websites

Online Marketing

You can increase traffic to your site and enhance your brand recognition via online marketing. LiveSites offers SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (social media marketing) services.
LiveSites offers Newsletter Systems

Newsletter Systems

Newsletters are an effective way to drive traffic to your website and communicate regularly with your subscribers. LiveSites creates professional newsletter systems and templates so you can independently create customized, multilingual newsletters, distribute them to any number of managed subscriber lists, and check their success via detailed statistics.

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