ranit hymanJoshua Samad - Director of Investment and Development, Utopia Living:
"We instructed LiveSites to create a website showcasing our property portfolio and were very satisfied with the results. Lisa was exceptional in understanding our vision and turning it into a website that encapsulated who we are and what we do. They trained us in updating the site ourselves, and did not stop until they got the results we were after. We really enjoyed working with the LiveSites team who were professional, efficient and responsive to our requirements. We highly recommend working with them."

evonne segallEvonne Segall - Marketing Director, VERSA:
"Working with LiveSites to build the Versa website has been absolutely wonderful. First and foremost we wanted a user-friendly experience – quick to load, easy navigation, and mobile friendly. The turnaround time on the initial build was lightning fast, and they were able to adjust and make changes as we discovered we needed them. Lisa’s professional input and suggestions were incredibly helpful. Giora’s technical support has been invaluable as well, as we continue to find better ways to improve our services. When we’ve had questions or issues, their response time felt like they were just across the hall, instead of across the globe. I highly recommend LiveSites, and I look forward to working with them again."

iplDr. Ilana Cohen and Eran Ovadia - Founders, Immunity Pharma:
"LiveSites led the process of site creation in a professional and cooperative way. The dialogic process of home page definition, content creation (especially selecting images), editing of English text, and overall implementation of all our requests led to the focused, clean homepage and well-designed site that effectively reflected our message and spirit. The outcome was highly praised by viewers, while the process was extremely smooth, kind and pleasant. Lisa and Giora quickly processed every request we made, and they as creatively and effectively implemented our raw ideas in a very respectful way. LiveSites delivered a well-designed, up-to-date styled, dialogically planned and rapidly built site. We highly recommend them!"

ranit hymanApril Zimmerman Katz - Owner, Olympic Indoor Tennis:
"We looked to LiveSites to give Olympic Indoor Tennis the online presence it needed and to attract a whole new generation to the sport. We wanted anyone who visited our site to feel like tennis was fun and accessible to them. LiveSites truly hit the mark.
Our website continues to get raves and has really helped us achieve the message and reach the audience we were hoping for! We are having a banner season. Thrilled!"

FIMIRami Lachter - FIMI Opportunity Funds:
"The team at LiveSites is highly professional and customer oriented. We were very happy with the outcome and enjoyed working with the team throughout the process."

alon dumanisAlon Dumanis - CEO, Docor International Management:
"LiveSites created a website for Docor that met our vision and needs. Equally important, LiveSites continues to provide us with site maintenance service that is prompt, reliable and professional."

adamLimor Kalifa - Communications Consultant:
"LiveSites is a professional, courteous, high quality, trustworthy and reliable website builder. The company met our sites' (Modiin Water and Modiin Sports Center) building schedules, and then made prompt updates as requested after the sites went live. We also learned a lot from them in the process, as they provided valuable tips for continuous improvement. Throughout the process, communication with them was effervescent and quality. In sum, it was fun to work with them, and they provided an excellent combination of professional, quality work and service. Highly recommended!"

tamarTamar Raz - CEO, O.R.T. Technologies:
"LiveSites was professional and patient in working with us to build the site we needed. We received personal service with all the support needed. Thank you!"