A closed-end investment fund. A site that projects professionalism, experience and reliability.

Forma Real Estate Fund is a closed-end investment fund which has raised €190 million to invest in core-plus / value-added opportunities in the target markets.

The client needed a new website that projected professionalism, experience and reliability to its target market of leading Israeli institutions, family offices and high net-worth individuals.


Deeply Rooted in Israeli Society. A site that speaks to the Israeli public and business sector.

Oxygen & Argon Works Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and marketer of industrial gases in Israel. The company produces high-quality oxygen, nitrogen, and argon via the cryogenic separation process for the electronics industry, health institutions and food factories. The company markets carbon dioxide to the food industry, hydrogen, acetylene, compressed air, gas mixtures and special gases, and imports liquid helium. The gases are marketed in a gas and liquid state.

Oxygen & Argon Works is an Israeli company that has been an active part of the Israeli economy for more than 70 years. The company, which combines seniority and experience with innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology,  constantly invests in improving its service and product quality as well as developing groundbreaking applications in all sectors of the economy.


A company focused on benefitting investors. A site with a user-friendly, easy-to-update investor portal.

Brightman-Gil locates real estate assets and investment opportunities with favorable risk-return ratios, while specializing in building a portfolio of assets beneficial to its investors.

Brightman-Gil Real Estate Investments manages a real estate portfolio through private equity funds. Since its establishment in 2013, Brightman-Gil has managed 1.1 million square feet of office space , totaling $155 million of assets of management.

We believe that the best way to manage our investments is by having "boots on the ground" in our local office in Atlanta in addition to our Tel Aviv office. We create value for our investors by actively managing our properties and building a diversified investment portfolio.


A city's water and sewage company. A user-friendly site enabling online payment.

Mei Modiin, the water and sewage company of the city of Modiin, was established under the Water and Sewage Cooperation Law (2001). The main goals of Mei Modiin are to provide water service for residents, to provide a disposal service of the city sewage to wastewater institutes and to maintain the municipal water and sewage.

The company needed a user-friendly site that would enable city residents to pay their water bill online.


An established, expanding pharmaceutical company. A site that speaks to international businesses.

Rekah Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is an Israeli generic pharmaceuticals manufacturer. The company, which is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, is active on all levels of the value chain: production, R&D, marketing, sales, distribution, import and export.

Rekah's portfolio, which includes a wide range of 280 generic Rx and OTC drugs, dermo-cosmetics, vitamins and nutritional supplements, focuses on four core fields: steroids, antibiotics, ophthalmic medications, and OTC drugs. With over 70 years in the pharma industry, Rekah is currently increasing its international presence via out-licensing, in-licensing, establishing new partnerships and executing mergers and acquisitions.

The company needed a site that showcased the breadth and depth of its products and spoke to an international B2B target market.


Israel's largest volunteer-staffed organization. A site that raises awareness and funds.

Friends of Yad Sarah, based in Manhattan, supports the work of Yad Sarah, the largest volunteer staffed organization in Israel.

The client needed a website that projected an image of Yad Sarah as professional and caring, increased awareness of and support for Yad Sarah, and provided an online fundraising platform.



A leading global real estate investment firm. A site that reflects its great success.

Harbor Group International is a leading global real estate investment and management firm with over $9 billion of assets under management.

The client needed an impressive, authentic website that reflected its tremendous success and showcased its full and dynamic portfolio.



14,000 employees in over 20 countries. An efficient, effective internal newsletter system.

Strauss Group, an international corporation with a portfolio of four companies, provides a response to two leading world trends – Health & Wellness, and Fun & Indulgence. Strauss manages and develops its business in order to offer a wide range of quality Food and Beverage brands. Its international operations account for 54% or its sales, which totalled NIS 8.6 billion in 2018. Strauss has collaborations with Danone, PepsiCo, Haier and Virgin.

With 14,000 employees in over 20 countries worldwide, Strauss Group needed an internal system of communication that enabled all its department heads to easily create and send information and updates to its workers. The range of workers is so great that some departments needed to send their newsletters as phone text messages rather than emails. Overall, the newsletter system needed to be flexible, easy-to-use, and display statistics regarding its delivery and opening percentages.