Israel's leading private equity firm. A site that reflects the firm's culture of excellence.

FIMI, Israel's leading private equity firm, is rightfully proud of its 20+ year track record of success, over $3 billion in aggregate capital commitments under management, and global top ranking as the most consistent performing fund manager. 

When we sat down with FIMI in 2013 to hear about their online vision, we were happy to learn that their needs perfectly aligned with our strengths.

FIMI wanted a straightforward, cutting-edge and classy website that featured the firm's impressive portfolio companies.

Both the site and its English text - which we would write - had to be absolutely perfect to reflect the firm's culture of excellence.

Above all, FIMI needed Service (with a capital S). They needed to work with a website company that would answer the phone whenever they called and quickly edit the site in response to their update needs.