Hired to create online content and community for CompuServe, AOL and Microsoft Network.


Started building HTML sites for small businesses. Created online content and community for The New York Times'


Began building CMS sites - with newsletter systems, blogs, directories, and a variety of technically cutting-edge, customized extensions - for businesses and organizations.


With over 100 clients and growing, began to expand our network of expert designers and developers.


LiteSites expanded to include LiveSites, which would focus on more customized and sophisticated sites for large businesses and organizations.


Our TeamLisa Katz
Lisa entered the early world of the Internet upon completing her MBA in 1993. Lisa pioneered online content writing and community management in her work for CompuServe (1994-1995), Microsoft Network (1995-1999), and the New York Times’ online subsidiary (1999-2012). Lisa began creating HTML websites in 1999, and her business boomed as a result of her high quality work and reliable service. In response to the growing market and changing demands of website customers, Lisa founded LiveSites, a CMS website company, in 2008. LiveSites, which offers multilingual CMS website design, development, maintenance, marketing and hosting, offers an edge of stability and expertise derived from Lisa’s extensive years of online experience.

giora shimoni 250Giora Shimoni
Upon finishing his MA in Communications, Giora won a contract to create and develop an Israel Forum for CompuServe in 1994. In 1997 Giora was hired by the Israeli Ministry of Communication. There he served as a member of the Israeli Government's Internet Committee, which laid the foundation for Internet Standards in Israel. Giora then moved into the Israeli hi-tech private sector, where he managed a software company and built online applications from 1999-2008. Giora brings to LiveSites exceptional technical abilities and a passion for staying on the cutting edge.